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A friendly, humorous and informative team that get a kick from seeing successful campaigns

We believe in creativity being an art form that requires its own space away from the troubles of the world. Creativity is an escape for our team who often merge their free thinking and create a flow of colourful, imaginative, quirky ideas that can only be achieved by from a free form and unrestricted thinking. It really is an art itself but the creativity can only become a physical manifestation if a balanced method of thinking is applied by setting an end goal. If not, it was just another idea.
Hassan MushaidStrategy & Lead Generation Expert

Hassan Mushaid

Strategy & Lead Generation Expert

Informative and friendly is how most people would describe Hassan.

I have worked in almost every role within the dental business, including as a Dental Nurse, Practice Manager, Treatment Coordinator and Business Development Manager, managing various practices across the UK. Having worked with businesses of various sizes and visions, I have developed a flexibility which can only come from such versatile experienced work. Every role I’ve approached required a different type of energy and strategy.

Having an avid interest in marketing and the psychology behind it, I invested a lot of time in learning how to improve the patient experience. Influencing patients to make the best choices and increasing brand awareness for the dental practice, a part of the part of the vast knowledge I have gained in this journey.

My PR, articles, and social media activities have got me onto the Influential List for 3 consecutive years. My clinical knowledge combined with my marketing/sales knowledge is what gives me and my team that extra edge that is often absent in other sales and dental marketing agencies.

We try to learn as much as possible about the chosen target audience to help understand how they think and behave and create custom campaigns that are very specific.

I am aware I will never stop learning! In my spare time he enjoy’s learning from my business and marketing mentors and I also enjoy learning the successful systems of other industries. I believe the keys to success are in the habitual actions and that these are universal and can be applied or transferred to anyone, anywhere, to achieve similar results. The same can be applied to business models from other industries. All it takes is a little courage and willingness to change your thinking.

I am a proud dad to 2 little boys, Sulaiman and Isaac, husband to a lovely wife Nichola and the eldest brother to my siblings.

I have my very own personal blog where I share in-depth knowledge on management and entrepreneurship. Visit to learn more about me.
Janusz CimekGoogle Marketing Specialist

Janusz Cimek

Google Marketing Specialist

Janusz is a very experienced SEO consultant and digital marketer who has been working with The Creative Composite team for a number of years. Having previously worked for clients from multiple fields and industries, Janusz has established a reputation as a successful SEO consultant by securing first page positions for some extremely competitive keywords on behalf of his clients. 

Working for large global brands and small local businesses alike; along with digital agencies, and most recently as a in-house SEO Manager for a corporate dental body, he has gained knowledge in SEO and PPC from various different angles. Janusz has the magic to tailor and strategise each SEO campaign for every individual client.

Combined with the efforts of the entire Creative Composite team, Janusz can design and implement strategic Content Marketing, PPC and Social Media, accompanied with his SEO efforts. This holistic approach in regard to his work and colleagues make him a unique, skilful individual.

Be sure there is going to be more targeted traffic to your website when The Creative Composite takes care of your digital marketing, as with our clients, it might be a good idea to start considering to upgrade your hosting package.

Yaroslav TokarukBranding & Design Specialist

Yaroslav Tokaruk

Branding & Design Specialist

Yaroslav has an impressive work history, having experience in both large franchises and smaller independent work places; his most recent position being as lead Graphic Designer at a successful international wine seller ‘Wine Time’.

Yaroslav’s work takes a detailed, modern approach and incorporating new trends; while attempting to bring a sense of pride and immense art ethic into every design project he creates.

His work has been showcased at several graphic exhibitions in his native Ukraine and ‘Miniprint Finland 2001’ organized by The Graphic Artist Association of Lahti, Finland.

Born and raised in Ivano-Frankivsk a beautiful town near the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine; Yaroslav drew much inspiration from growing up in this area, and credits this to his success as a graphics designer.

GhazalSocial Media & Brand Marketing Expert


Social Media & Brand Marketing Expert

Ghazal is a creative individual who is eager to get things going. She goes out of her way to get things done and makes sure that they are done right. She has a background in writing and social media and fully understands the human behaviours beheind the ever evolving social media world. Having achieved an English and Creative Writing Degree at the University of Salford, Ghazal understands audiences and the best ways to get them interested in your business and what it stands for.

Her happy, friendly nature bounces off her work and attracts new people which is an excellent quality for a social media whizz to possess.

Shehryar ChoudharyVideo & YouTube Marketing Expert

Shehryar Choudhary

Video & YouTube Marketing Expert

Steven WilliamsWeb Design Expert

Steven Williams

Web Design Expert

Steven has had a passion for computers since he was 6 years old and was known for his ‘coding’ pranks during school. The more he played with the codes, the more he learnt and the more his passion for web development grew. Steven has a Web Development BSc (Hons) under his belt from the University of Salford which is quite an achievement.

Steven has created over a hundred websites for small business, fashion consultants to dental practices and corporate opticians. His coding skills allow him to freely create any design imaginable and you can often get lost in coding translation when he gets going!

The Creative Composite is proud to have such a young and talented individual on the team. In his spare time, Steven enjoys playing pool with his mates and attending entrepreneur circles helping fellow entrepreneurs create big ideas!

Rebecca HughesContent Production Expert

Rebecca Hughes

Content Production Expert

  • Testimonial
    Guy Laffan, Laffan Dental Care

    Can't recommend these guys enough! Hassan and his team are so incredibly professional and have boosted our business tremendously in just one year thank you all so much.

  • Testimonial
    FMC, Dentistry's Information Centre

    Hassan provides us with thought-provoking articles on a regular basis to go on our website and for our print journals. Given his varied background, Hassan can give a unique perspective on lots of different aspects in dentistry, but also in a way that is very accessible to the reader. We enjoy the constructive relationship we have with Hassan and hope it continues into the future.

  • Testimonial
    Dentalia Dental Studio & Lab,

    Hassan was very quick unlike my response to supply this testimonial but I cannot have been more pleased with his service and continual support and useful contacts. Our request was to link up all  social medial and have a software system to  support this for marketing purposes I am yet to get the grips with the software but this is more down to  physical free time and not the software itself.  It was all explained clearly in a tutorial by Hassan and a live demo is available to  make this user friendly I will probably review this with Hassan soon.  I was pleased with the service  I received and recommended a few people to him since also was nice to laisse via skype rather than just another voice on the phone. Personal detailed service  thank you Hassan.

  • Testimonial
    Daniel Cheung, Bury Dental Centre

    I would like to thanks and recommend, Hassan, and his team for the wonderful work they did for my videos and marketing. They really captured the essence of what I wanted to convey to my patients in terms of quality and care, and they were fun, energetic, knowledgeable and efficient in the execution. I look forward to working with them more in the future.

  • Testimonial
    Dr Akaash Bagga, DeeKay Dental

    Very professional, knows what he is talking about. Very helpful even before signing up. Our results talk for themselves.

  • Testimonial
    Binita Shah, Dentality at Hoddesdon

    Having had some work done for our website recently by Hassan I was impressed by his attention to detail, the prompt nature with which he completed the work and his communication through out the job to ensure everything was done to our satisfaction. This made it very easy to work with him and also made it a stress free process. Thanks again for your all hard work. I would highly recommend their services.

  • Testimonial
    Murtaza Siddiqui, Vitality Dental Care

    We wanted to change the appearance of our website, social sites and Google presence. Hassan and his team created a beautiful new website, popular social media pages and we are currently ranking first page on Google organically for number of key words. We are now growing faster then ever.

  • Testimonial
    Harry Singh, Botox Training Club

    I have worked and known Hassan and his business The Creative Composite for a number of years. From the first time I met him his passion and knowledge amazed me. Before I started using him, he offered his time and content very generously and helped me with some very useful tips. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

  • Testimonial
    Dr Sarbjit Singh, Sohal Dental Practice

    Hassan and his team have been phenomenal in their approach to provide me with the highest level of service in improving our online presence and creating new opportunities through various media. The quality of the items received were second to none and coupled with very reasonable rates I can safely say I highly recommend their services.

  • Testimonial
    Verity Hughes, VH Dental

    Fantastic service. Very informative about the service needed and how to go about producing the vision that I wanted. Lots of ideas given and lots of patience in tweeting my logo. Very happy with the final product. Pricing was competitive and good. I will be defiantly using the company and again recommend to others.

  • Testimonial
    Dr Craig Lewis, Birchgrove Dental Practice

    Excellent service and fantastic knowledge in a difficult to crack market. I couldn't recommend enough. I'm not silenced often- but I was by the enthusiasm and plan the team delivered!!

  • Testimonial
    Dr Zara Nortley,

    The training session given by, and subsequent chats with Hassan have been both informative and useful, and I have been able to implement many of the points discussed into my clinical practice. Hassan is a great motivational speaker, and also open to discuss career goals and self-development. He has been helpful in planning my further post-graduate training, as he knows what the practice needs are and where the practice is heading.

  • Testimonial
    Tracy Stuart, NBS Training

    I first met Hassan in his role as a dental nurse. Hassan helped grow and deliver the practice with his marketing strategies. Hassan has grabbed every opportunity that has come his way to develop his career through hard work, positive energy and a passion for patient care and people