SEO Checklist for Websites

SEO Checklist For Websites

Use this SEO (search engine optimisation) checklist to assess your current website and when launching a new wesbite too to ensure your website gets found by Google and other search seo

Step 1: Choose a great domain name

Is your chosen domain short?

Is it memorable?

Is it brandable?

Step 2: Research the right keywords

Have you found keywords that are relevant for your business?

Have you chosen a unique main keyword for every page?

Step 3: Craft your content

Is it purposeful?

Is it long enough to provide users with all the information they’re looking for?

Is your main keyword in the main title (H1)?

Have you used your main keyword and variations or synonyms throughout the content?

Have you marked other titles or subtitles with headings?google ads analytics seo

Step 4: Optimise your code

Have you added your primary keyword into your page URL?

Are you using canonical tags to make sure you don’t have any duplicate content?

Does each page on your site include a unique meta title and description?

Do your images have descriptive alt tags and filenames?

Are you linking to your internal pages in an SEO-friendly way?

Step 5: Technical setup

Have you installed Google Analytics?

Is the GA code present on every page of your website?

Using WordPress?

Have you installed an SEO plugin?

Have you installed Google/Bing Webmaster Tools and checked for errors, missing titles and descriptions?

Have you created a sitemap?

Is robots.txt blocking important parts of your site?

Step 6: Build links

Is the website linking to you relevant for your business?

Would you click on that link if it wasn’t pointing to your site?

Is your backlink offering value to users?social media

Step 7: Post-launch checklist

Is it easy to navigate through your site, to purchase a product or to send a message through your contact form?

Did you test your site’s speed?

Did you test your site to ensure it shows perfectly on major browsers as well as devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones?

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