Dental PPC Ads (Pay Per Click)

The most effective marketing investment

PPC ads (Pay per clicks, CPC) is a sure way to get some attention and direct online enquiries to your business. They are ads that are positioned highly on search engines and in the feeds of people’s social media.

Our team of experienced dental PPC ad managers know what text and ‘call to action’ drives customers to click ads towards your dental practice or opticians over dozens of other ads.

Pay Per Click ads are now more popular than ever and have also spilled into the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 1 in 3 people around the world use some sort of social media to communicate with others. Social media sites gather personal data of its users allowing us to target specific groups of people for your ad campaigns utilising data such as age, gender, job role, location, hobbies, interests etc.

google facebook ads

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing also collects data by using cookies. The data collected is differently to social media sites but none the less extremely useful.

With Pay Per Click ads you don’t have to wait to ‘organically’ get onto the first-page result of search engines. Instead, you can jump the que and get first spot with a paid for ad, getting your business attention immediately.

We provide monthly results on how your Pay Per Click campaigns are performing, how your competitors are performing and how we could potentially improve the chances to get even more attention whilst reducing spending.

We know from years of experience that online ads, landing pages and call to actions alone won’t deliver an exceptional service al the way to your surgery. That is why we provide free sales training to your front of house team when you use our ad campaign and Search Engine Optimisation service together. Increase the return on your investment from your ad campaign.

The typical return on investment from Google Adwords can be 300%!

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