Dental Copywriting

Content is King!

Nothing will make you stand out amongst a crowd like a large, effective and diverse repertoire of vocabulary. The best way to get what you want in life is through compelling communication skills.

Linguistics and the art of conveying your ‘message’ to an audience in a powerful, riveting, all-encompassing and persuasive manner is a critical art form that has made peasants into kings and desolate lands into advanced civilisations throughout the annals of human history.

Moreover, what you write is ‘who’ you are, and what you ‘portray’ of yourself in the world of business, is what people ‘think’ of you as a professional. Consequentially, the art of writing directly impacts your online or offline business, your personality and your income!

Whether your purpose is to communicate for business, selling a product or service, implementing change within the social fabric or even leaving a personal legacy behind for generations to cherish, ‘what’ you say and ‘how’ you say it is what ‘defines’ your present and your future.

Blogs, articles and copy writing are crucial for getting your message across efficiently and making an impact. These are all forms of written communication. The more blogs and articles you have up on your site, the more readers you will attract via search engines, blog sharing sites, news sharing sites and sometimes by other professions. More readers in turn mean more potential clients or new enquiries.


Research shows that websites that don’t do blogs have less of an impact within Google search results. 


Articles for PR activities, health columns and newspaper feeds require time and thought which most professionals do not have time for. We can take a story or subject and transform it into a professional and well-written piece of content that will be suitable for press and publishing magazines. These can also be scanned and posted on your blogs and social media pages.

Copy writing is a well sought after writing art that can make or break a marketing campaign; these can include marketing literature and advertisements. We have created numerous marketing campaigns with creative and fresh content that gets quick attention and action from potential customers. We can help your dental or optical practice by providing a unique angle and style to engage potential clients.

Investing in the written word can be hugely beneficial to you and your business.


Copy Writing Facts

Companies with active blogs receive 97% more inquiries

5X more website traffic is generated to businesses that blog 20 times per month (4-5 week) than those that blog fewer than 4X times per month

15% of bloggers say they are paid to give speeches on the topics they blog about

Article writing increases your authority, helping you appear as an industry expert

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