Appointment SMS Service Only 2.9p

On average, most dental and optical practices using dedicated industry appointment software, generally subscribe to the SMS service provided by the software to keep things simple and easy.appointment sms service

These SMS may be costing you and your business 6p-10p per SMS and if you had a list of 6000 clients your looking at paying on average £600 per month!

Sometimes the default option isnt the best option. Join The Creative Composite and get your SMS cost down to 2.9p per SMS! Yes, really, SMS for only 2.9p.

Switchover to our partners system is easy. You literally have to do nothing. Allow us to log in your server to amend your SMS settings on your appointment software and bada bing bada boom, bobs your uncle. You can begin to save hundreds with no glitch, just a smooth cheaper alternative to you and your clients.

Theres no set up fee, no management fee, pay monthly in arrears (no bundles to purchase), no long term contract so you can switch to another provider if your not happy, guaranteed rate of 2.9p per SMS for 2 years PLUS introduce a new customer to us and receive a months worth of SMS for FREE!!!

Its a no brainer 🙂

Contact us now and start saving hundreds of pounds.